Application :

  • Play ground
  • High mast Lighting
  • ​Parking lots 
  • ​​High roof Lighting 

LED Flood Lights :

Electrical Specification : 

Benefits :

  • Energy savings of up to 60 % (compared to High pressure sodium vapour lamp )
  • ​​Extra-long life of 40,000 hours.
  • ​Type of protection: IP65.
  • Integrated driver with high power factor.
  • ​​Uniform illumination


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+91 9626505051​  +91 9500274422

​​​Company Info :

The Next generation Power saving LED Flood Lights.

​       LED Floodlight is the ideal tool to provide an efficient multi-purpose LED lighting solution in varied environments such as Ports, Loading bays, warehouses, industrial halls, security checkpoints, car and lorry parks, access roads and even sports areas.

     This compact and flexible luminaire perfectly integrates indoor or outdoor environments to meet your precise lighting requirements. This lighting solution offers superior visual comfort, excellent color perception and visibility to create safe and productive working environment.