Street Lighting solution for brighter tomorrow !!!

     LED is the future of street lighting . New range of LED street lights will improve the road visibility and driving. Street lights are powerd by high power LEDs offers higher luminous efficiency unlike conventional lighting system.

     These are flicker free and operates with low noise. ​LED street lighting system results in saving of power by more than 50% along with the increased life span of about 50,000 Hrs and zero maintenance cost.​​

Application :

  • Municipal  / Corporation Lighting 
  • Industrial street Lighting 
  • ​High way roads
  • Sub way roads
  • Residential area Lighting 
  • ​Side walks Lighting

Available wattage ranges :12W ,20W ,24W ,40W ,60W ,70W ,100W ,120W ,150W

​​​Company Info :

+91 9626505051​  +91 9500274422

+91 9626505051

​+91 9500274422

The Advantages of LENS :

  • Rectangular beam focusing lens hence provides uniform light on the road surface.
  • ​Increases the area of illumination along the length of the road.
  • ​Increased spacing between the poles hence reduced number of poles and light fittings .
  • Reduced total power consumption.
  • ​Reduced maintenance cost.

Benefits :

  • Extraordinary long life of LED’s (over 50,000 burning hrs.) & long lasting LED driver (over 30,000 burning hrs.) ensures zero maintenance
  • High efficacy & lower power consumption
  • ​Widest working voltage range.
  • Instant start.
  • Delivers high brightness & excellent illumination.
  • 50% Power saving